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This is a midrash on Pss 61 & 62. By that I mean it is by no means a translation, but rather a personalization, although it comes close enough that you will probably notice there are very few rhymes (both in the verses). For example, as you frequently see in the Psalms, the psalmist asks that God would pay attention to his/her situation. On the other hand, from a New Testament point of view, we know God is always paying attention, and always listening to us. Again, when the psalmist longs to dwell in the tent of the Lord, s/he is talking about the physical sanctuary, but as believers, we know that we do live there in the Spirit, and it will be, more fully, our next place of abode. Etc., etc.

So I rewrote the psalm from a post-Pentecost perspective. If you bother to read through the lyrics carefully with the Bible passages open, you will see where it makes contact and where it wanders off (not that I expect anyone to do that).

I am classifying this as a worship song, even though it doesn't fit with the current Hillsong/Elevation driven worship pattern that generally shies away from direct use of scripture.


Piano, pad, guitars, vocals: Alan Humm
Bass, Drums: Shawn Foerst

My Refuge

Lyrics (in PDF)

© 2018 Alan Humm